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Holistic Dentistry: Natural approaches to Oral Health

  title={Holistic Dentistry: Natural approaches to Oral Health},
  author={Kavitha Srinivasan and Sree Chitra},
Holistic Dentistry or biologic Dentistry is an age old alternative approach that is based on the assertion that the whole body is one unit and any changes in one part of this unit can have an impact on the whole unit. Traditional Dentistry deals with the head and neck region in general and oral cavity unequivocally but Holistic Dentistry deals with the unrecognized impact of Oral health on the overall health of a person. It focuses on the use of on-toxic restorative materials along with… 

Homeopathy in Dentistry and Oral Medicine: A review

A review on the most common homeopathy medicines used for oral and dental problfems and to present it in a simple and practical way for general dental practitioners to show it as a suitable adjunct to conventional medicine for management of many conditions.

Homeopathy in dentistry: A review

Many clinical trials and case-control studies have been published about the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies for oral and maxillofacial problems, and some of this homeopathic application in dentistry are reviewed.



Complementary and alternative medicine: impact on dentistry.

  • J. Little
  • Medicine
    Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics
  • 2004

Dentistry and homeopathy: an overview.

For the dentist who endeavours to practise as a physician of the mouth with preventive dental medicine as a part of his/her service, clinical experience has demonstrated that homeopathy can be of

Unconventional dentistry: Part I. Introduction.

Improved education in critical thinking, research, science, medicine, behaviour, communication, communication and patient management is needed.

Unconventional dentistry: Part IV. Unconventional dental practices and products.

Several common UD and UM practices are described to familiarize practitioners with a variety of theories, practices, products and treatments that specifically apply to dentistry.

The use of hypnosis in dentistry: a review.

A brief theoretical and historical overview, and a review of the literature pertaining to the clinical uses of hypnosis in dentistry, are provided.

Propolis: a background

Holistic dentistry : Natural approaches to oral health

Holistic dentistry deals with the unrecognised impact of oral health on the overall health of a person and focuses on the use of non-toxic restorative materials along with incorporation of techniques like acupuncture and neural therapy.

Holistics: A New Approach in Dentistry

  • International Journal,
  • 2014