Hole spin-relaxation in a n-doped quantum well structure

  title={Hole spin-relaxation in a n-doped quantum well structure},
  author={Ph. Roussignol and Robson Ferreira and C. Delalande and G'erald Bastard and A. Vinattieri and Juan Mart{\'i}nez-Pastor and L. Carraresi and Marcelo Colocci and J. F. Palmier and Bernard Etienne},
The dependence of the hole spin relaxation on the electron density is studied in a n-modulation doped 75 A GaAs/AlGaAs quantum welI by means of cw and time-resolved photoluminescence techniques. A slow hole spin relaxation time has been measured (∼1 ns) and the polarization has been found to be strongly dependent on the in-plane wavevector of the photocreated holes. Calculations are presented which support the experimental findings