Hofbauer Cells: Placental Macrophages of Fetal Origin.

  title={Hofbauer Cells: Placental Macrophages of Fetal Origin.},
  author={Leticia Reyes and Bryce Wolfe and Thaddeus G Golos},
  journal={Results and problems in cell differentiation},
Pregnancy complications such as preterm birth, miscarriage, maternal and/or neonatal morbidities, and mortality can be manifestations of underlying placental pathology. Hofbauer cells refer to a heterogeneous population of fetal macrophages that reside within the functional unit of the placenta known as the chorionic villus. Hofbauer cells can be detected within the connective tissue matrix of the placenta as early as 4 weeks post-conception and are present throughout pregnancy. These cells are… CONTINUE READING