Hodgkin's disease occurring in a Warthin's tumor: first case report.


The case of a Warthin's tumor whose lymphoid component was totally replaced by a malignant lymphoma, Hodgkin's type, is reported. The disease was characterized by a rapid downhill course, with repeated medullary relapses and subsequent episodes of bone marrow failure. Death occurred 13 months after the initial diagnosis and was due to severe visceral involvement by Hodgkin's lymphoma, as confirmed at post mortem examination.


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@article{Melato1986HodgkinsDO, title={Hodgkin's disease occurring in a Warthin's tumor: first case report.}, author={Mauro Melato and Giovanni Falconieri and Renato Fanin and Michele Baccarani}, journal={Pathology, research and practice}, year={1986}, volume={181 5}, pages={615-20} }