Hodgkin's disease following solid organ transplantation.

  title={Hodgkin's disease following solid organ transplantation.},
  author={Philip Jay Bierman and Julie Marie Vose and Alan N. Langnas and Robert M. Rifkin and Ralph J. Hauke and Bassam N Smir and Timothy C. Greiner},
  journal={Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology},
  volume={7 3},
BACKGROUND The incidence of second malignancies is markedly increased following transplantation of solid organs. However, the development of Hodgkin's disease has been described relatively infrequently in this setting, and there is little clinical information on these patients and few details on management. PATIENTS AND METHODS We have reviewed the pathologic specimens and clinical history of four patients who developed Hodgkin's disease following transplantation of solid organs. RESULTS… CONTINUE READING

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