Hobo transposons causing chromosomal breakpoints.

  title={Hobo transposons causing chromosomal breakpoints.},
  author={V{\'e}ronique Ladev{\`e}ze and Sylvie Aulard and Nicole Chaminade and Georges P{\'e}riquet and Françoise Lemeunier},
  journal={Proceedings. Biological sciences},
  volume={265 1402},
Several laboratory surveys have shown that transposable elements (TEs) can cause chromosomal breaks and lead to inversions, as in dysgenic crosses involving P-elements. However, it is not presently clear what causes inversions in natural populations of Drosophila. The only direct molecular studies must be taken as evidence against the involvement of mobile elements. Here, in Drosophila lines transformed with the hobo transposable element, and followed for 100 generations, we show the appearance… CONTINUE READING