Hobi-like pestivirus: both biotypes isolated from a diseased animal.

  title={Hobi-like pestivirus: both biotypes isolated from a diseased animal.},
  author={Nicola Decaro and Viviana Mar{\'i} and Pierfrancesco Pinto and Maria Stella Lucente and Rossana Sciarretta and Francesco Cirone and Maria Loredana Colaianni and G Elia and H. -L. Thiel and Canio Buonavoglia},
  journal={The Journal of general virology},
  volume={93 Pt 9},
A Hobi-like pestivirus pair consisting of cytopathogenic (cp) and non-cytopathogenic (noncp) strains, Italy 83/10cp and Italy 83/10ncp, was isolated from the lung of a heifer that died of respiratory disease. The noncp and cp viruses were isolated on Madin-Darby bovine kidney cells and separated by plaque purification and end point dilution. Analysis of the nearly full-length genomes revealed that the two viruses were very closely related to each other and to the noncp Hobi-like strain Italy 1… CONTINUE READING