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Hnology For

  title={Hnology For},
  author={Peter J. Redlich and Masa Suzuki and Stephen B. Weinstein}
Distributed object systems have become a foundation technology and operational platform for large, complex communications networks. This article explains w h a t distributed object technology is and w h a t it does for networks and communication services. It describes the current key technologies i n this field, CORBA and DCOM, and gives examples of networking architectures, such as TINA and TMN, that utilize these technologies. Finally, this article introduces a simplified model for a CORBA… 

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  • P. Prozeller
  • Computer Science
    Journal of Network and Systems Management
  • 2004
How TINA may bepositioned in the software infrastructure of future telecommunications networks, with the focus on the infrastructures of Public TelecommunicationOperators (PTOs), is described.
A high-performance end system architecture for real-time CORBA
The main thrust of this article is that advances in real-time distributed object computing can be achieved only by systematically pinpointing performance bottlenecks; optimizing the performance of networks, ORB end systems, common services, and applications; and simultaneously integrating techniques and tools that simplify application development.
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The substance of the initiative is provided by the WBEM process and information architectures that support a scalable and heterogeneous management structure.