Hjelmslev's semiotic model of language: An exegesis

  title={Hjelmslev's semiotic model of language: An exegesis},
  author={Miriam Taverniers},
Abstract This article offers a detailed exploration of four types of differentiations on which Hjelmslev's semiotic model of language, developed in his Prolegomena to a Theory of Language (1963 [1943]), is built: content-expression, form-substance-purport, system-process, and paradigm-syntagm. Each of these distinctions is explored in turn, and in this exploration it becomes clear how Hjelmslev defines his most important distinctions, namely, content-expression and form-substance-purport, which… Expand

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b. 1974) is a lecturer at Ghent University 3miriam.taverniers@ugent. be4. Her research interests include metaphor, verb typologies, layering in grammatical models, and theoretical linguistics
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A Handbook of Phonetics. Oxford: Clarendon
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