Hitchhiker’s guide to Courant algebroid relations

  title={Hitchhiker’s guide to Courant algebroid relations},
  author={Jan Vysok{\'y}},
  journal={Journal of Geometry and Physics},
  • Jan Vysoký
  • Published 11 October 2019
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Journal of Geometry and Physics
Abstract Courant algebroids provide a useful mathematical tool (not only) in string theory. It is thus important to define and examine their morphisms. To some extent, this was done before using an analogue of canonical relations known from symplectic geometry. However, it turns out that applications in physics require a more general notion. We aim to provide a self-contained and detailed treatment of Courant algebroid relations and morphisms. A particular emphasis is placed on providing enough… 
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  • D. Svoboda
  • Mathematics, Physics
    Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • 2018
We present a global construction of a so-called D-bracket appearing in the physics literature of Double Field Theory (DFT) and show that if certain integrability criteria are satisfied, it can be