History of the Term Prostate

  title={History of the Term Prostate},
  author={Franz Josef Marx and Axel Karenberg},
  journal={The Prostate},
We comprehensively review the history of the word “prostate” and related terms from 600 BC to the present. 

The history of the prostate, part one: say what you see

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    Trends in Urology & Men's Health
  • 2019
The early history of the prostate gland is described as the authors' understanding of its structure and function developed over time.

[The Alken stages-a German-French affair].

From 1970 to the 1990s, staging of the clinical course of BPH was associated with the name of Carl-Erich Alken, a leading figure within the German urological society at that time, although Alken never researched or focused on disease staging.

Epidemiology and Prevention of Prostate Cancer

The prostate carcinogenesis is a complex process. All constitutional, behavioural, molecular, and environmental factors continuously interact in different proportions in the organism during the

The Pharmaceuticalized Prostate

This chapter discusses the use of alpha-blockers to treat lower urinary tract symptoms secondary to benign prostate hyperplasia (LUTS/BPH) as an example of how pharmaceuticals are involved in

Prostate Stones

Being the only exocrine organ located in the midline, the prostate gland is a compound tubuloalveolar exocrine gland of the male reproductive system, locating just below the bladder. The term

The history of calculus mendax and the following surgery on the prostate

Probably the first surgery performed on the prostate gland followed by microscopic analysis of the obtained tumor tissue sample is presented, based on the existing correspondence between Ludwig von Hammen and Johann N. Pechlin and their successors in this field as well.

The history of urologic pathology: an overview

The observational talents of numerous investigators have advanced the authors' knowledge of diseases of the urinary tract and testis remarkably, and awareness of the many variants of renal cell carcinoma in general was slow to evolve, and has only accelerated in recent years.

History of LUTS/BPO and Evolution of Concepts and Terminology

The story of diagnosis and treatment of benign prostatic enlargement (BPE) is one of the most relevant issues in urology and perfectly illustrates the evolution of medicine.

Zur frühen Entwicklung der Brachytherapie der Prostata

Brachytherapy of the prostate has become a treatment of choice and the urological routes have never been explored directly by authors of articles and textbooks in the field of radiology and radiooncology.

Prostate Cancer Screening: Outcomes and Risk Prediction

The four papers included in this thesis present the outcomes of PSA-based screening and also describe aspects of the risk of PC at initial screening, during the 22-year follow-up of the programme, and after termination of screening.