History of the HITRAN Database

  title={History of the HITRAN Database},
  author={Laurence S. Rothman},
Transport and radiation properties of C4F7N-CO2 gas mixtures with added oxygen
Owing to global and local legislative mandates pertaining to greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, the focus of industries dealing with electrical power management has shifted towards SF6
An optimal estimation-based retrieval of upper atmospheric oxygen airglow and temperature from SCIAMACHY limb observations
Abstract. An optimal estimation-based algorithm is developed to retrieve the number density of excited oxygen (O2) molecules that generate airglow emissions near 0.76 µm (b1Σg+ or A band) and 1.27 µm


Experimental Phase Function and Degree of Linear Polarization Curves of Millimeter-sized Cosmic Dust Analogs
We present laboratory measurements of the phase functions and degree of linear polarization (DLP) curves of a selection of millimeter-sized cosmic dust analog particles. The set includes particles
An Accurate, Extensive, and Practical Line List of Methane for the HITEMP Database
A methane line list for the HITEMP spectroscopic database, covering 0–13,400 cm−1 (>746 nm), is presented. To create this compilation, ab initio line lists of 12CH4 from Rey et al. ApJ, 847, 105
AFGL trace gas compilation.
AFCRL atmospheric absorption line parameters compilation
Abstract : The report describes a compilation of the molecular spectroscopic parameters for a number of infrared-active molecules occurring naturally in the terrestrial atmsophere. The following