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History of the Development of Beverage Vending Machine Technology in Japan

  title={History of the Development of Beverage Vending Machine Technology in Japan},
  author={Yoshihiro Higuchi},
Approximately 4.27 million vending machines were operating in Japan at the end of 2006, with annual sales in excess of 7 trillion yen. We have focused our research on beverage vending machines, because these account for over half of all the installed machines (at 2.60 million). The first vending machine is thought to have been introduced at a temple in Alexandria in 215 BC. The machine dispensed holy water in return for a small coin. The oldest extant machines are cigarette-vending devices that… 

Design and Implementation of Finite State Vending Machine in Bangladeshi currency

The aim of this paper is to design a vending machine that can supply two products of different prices in Bangladeshi currency that is designed to operate within minimum possible time.

Design and Fabrication of Customized Ais Kacang Vending Machine

This paper focuses on the design and fabrica-tion of the customized Ais Kacang vending machine for canteen, cafeteria and restaurant usage and explains the stress and strain analyses of the internal frame of the vending machine.

Design and Development of Smart Personal Protective Equipment Vending Machine using Internet of Thing

Internet of Thing based smart personalized protective equipment vending machine is developed using RFID technology to scan the authorized user and dispense desired item with contactless and keep live tracking of inventory.

The impact of COVID-19 on the grocery retail industry: innovative approaches for contactless store concepts in Germany

Purpose Contactless shopping concepts meet the needs of those consumers who want to minimise social interactions, especially due to COVID-19; they also offer added value by combining the advantages