History of physics

  title={History of physics},
  author={Max von Laue and Ralph E. Oesper and Eugene Paul Wigner},
Change in land-use structure due to urbanisation in China
  • Wanxu Chen, Jie Zeng, Na Li
  • Geography
    Journal of Cleaner Production
  • 2021
Derivation of generalized einstein's equations of gravitation in some noninertial reference frames based on the theory of vacuum mechanics
When solving Einstein's equations for an isolated system of masses, V. Fock introduced a harmonic reference frame and obtained an unambiguous solution. Further, he concluded that there existed a
Colloquium : Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics at strong coupling: Quantum and classical
The question of how classical systems approach thermal equilibrium is as old as the foundations of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. How quantum systems decohere and thermalize is even more
Gravitational-Wave Research as an Emerging Field in the Max Planck Society: The Long Roots of GEO600 and of the Albert Einstein Institute
This chapter will explore the interplay between the renaissance of general relativity and the advent of relativistic astrophysics following German involvement in gravitational-wave research through
Developing Preservice Teachers’ Understanding of and Pedagogical Content Knowledge for History of Science–Integrated Science Instruction
Despite its positive impact on students’ understanding of the nature of science and science content knowledge, few secondary science teachers incorporate the history of science into their
Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Physics
Doctor of Philosophy Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Physics by Cyril Oscar LAGGER This thesis investigates the theoretical implications of gravitational waves for particle physics and cosmology.
Why history matters: Ab initio rederivation of Fresnel equations confirms microscopic theory of refractive index
Abstract We provide a systematic theoretical, experimental and historical critique of the standard derivation of Fresnel's equations, which shows in particular that these well-established equations
From history of electrical engineering V: Electron discovery and its properties estimation
  • A. Mikerov
  • Physics
    2016 IEEE NW Russia Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference (EIConRusNW)
  • 2016
The paper includes an overview of main technical observations and crucial experiments which prove the electron corpuscular nature and led at the start of 20th century towards its mass and charge
Si può parlare di Dio nel contesto della scienza contemporanea
Is it possible to speak about God in the context of contemporary science? The question of God, neglected in the philosophy of the twentieth century, emerges unexpectedly in contemporary science.
The Role of Philosophy as a Guide in Complex Scientific and Technological Processes
Probably the most challenging issue in science and advanced technology is the ever increasing complexity. The term complexity refers to the experience that the complex whole is more than the sum of