History of mathematics and teaching mathematics

  title={History of mathematics and teaching mathematics},
  author={Mirko R. Deji{\'c} and Aleksandra Mihajlovi{\'c}},
Th e paper discusses the possibilities of using contents of history of mathematics as a supporting strategy in the teaching of mathematics. Th ere is plenty of research that promotes using historical content in mathematics lessons, but only a few of them are of empirical nature. We will give the brief overview of some studies and consider diff erent possibilities of integrating contents of history of mathematics into the teaching and learning process. Moreover, we will point out some benefi ts… 
Integration of the History of Mathematics in Mathematics Education: A Systematic Literature Review
The history of mathematics (HoM) is important for mathematics to be enriched, in the evaluation of the development of the mathematics based on scholars and subjects. However, many students often have
Modeling The Use of History of Mathematical Thought in Mathematics Instruction
Mathematics is a human creation, which has been developing for more than four thousand years. It emerged as a response to different social and economic needs of civilizations. Historical development
Abacus computing tool: From history to application in mathematical education
Bearing in mind that the history of mathematics and its discoveries can play a significant role in mathematics education today, the authors draw attention to an ancient computing tool - abacus, and
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Based on Steiner's fascinating theorem for trapezium, a seven geometrical constructions using straightedge alone are described. These constructions provide an excellent base for teaching theorems and


An Example of Using History of Mathematics in Classes.
In recent years, the topic of integrating history to mathematics lessons in teaching-learning processes has been frequently discussed among researchers. The main aim of this study is to present an
History and Mathematics Education: A look around the World with Particular Reference to Italy
Two main streams are single out in the interpretation of the role of the history of mathematics in mathematics education: history for reflecting on the nature of mathematics as a socio-cultural process and history to construct mathematical knowledge.
The ABCD of using history of mathematics in the (undergraduate) classroom
The past, the present and the future of the subject are intimately inter-related, making mathematics a cumulative science with its past forever assimilated in its present and future.
The project was conducted through collaborative teaching practice and was based on the premise that the history of mathematics can improve both the motivation and attainment when used as a contextual background in the teaching of mathematics at this level.
Pre-Service Teachers' Exposure to Using the History of Mathematics to Enhance Their Teaching of High School Mathematics.
This study examines how pre-service teachers view the role of history of mathematics in the high school curriculum and shows significant changes in beliefs about how it should be integrated as well as preparedness to incorporate the history of Mathematics in teaching.
The history of mathematics as a pedagogical tool: Teaching the integral of the secant via Mercator’s projection
This article explores the use of the history of mathematics as a pedagogical tool for the teaching and learning of mathematics. In particular, we draw on the mathematically pedigreed but
History of mathematics for trainee teachers
The movement to integrate mathematics history into the training of future teachers, and into the in-service training of current teachers, has been a theme of international concern over much of the
Integrating history of mathematics in the classroom: an analytic survey
An analytical survey of how history of mathematics has been and can be integrated into the mathematics classroom provides a range of models for teachers and mathematics educators to use or adapt.
Assessing the Relationship between Attitude toward Mathematics and Achievement in Mathematics: A Meta-Analysis.
sure, correlation coefficient. This relationship was found to be dependent on a number of variables: grade, ethnic background, sample selection, sample size, and date of publication. Gender did not