History of floods on the River Vistula

  title={History of floods on the River Vistula},
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Abstract The history of floods on the River Vistula in Poland, covering the period from AD 988 to the present is reviewed. General information is given on the River Vistula, its basin and its floods, for the Upper, Middle, Lower Vistula and the Vistula Delta. Information on floods in the pre-instrumental period is derived from documentary sources. It is only since the re-establishment of Polish independence in 1945 that instrumental data make it possible to analyse floods on relatively… 

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Hydrological alteration of an ice-marginal valley and its influence on the extent of historical floods

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Modeling of ice phenomena in the mouth of the Vistula River

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Monitoring of meteorological and hydrological droughts in the Vistula basin (Poland)

It was determined that meteorological droughts occurred earliest in the north-western and central part of the Vistula basin, and latest in areas lying above 300 m a.s.l. and in the south of Poland.

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The extreme water stage of the hydrological system of a drainage basin, corresponding to the magnitudes of the low and high discharges, have been the subject of study of numerous research teams


The information on heavy rains and floods during the last millennium are based on records of various qualitative and quantitative precision starting from direct measurements to historical written

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Materia y do historii powodzi w dorzeczu górnej Wis y (Materials on the history of floods in the Upper Vistula Basin, in Polish)

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Zatory i powodzie zatorowe na dolnej Wi le. Mechanizmy i warunki (Ice-jams and floods on the Lower Vistula. Mechanisms and Conditions, in Polish)

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The Great Flood of 1997 in Poland

Abstract The flood that occurred in summer 1997 in Poland, affecting the drainage basins of the Odra and the Vistula, caused 54 fatalities and material losses of the order of billions of US$. The

Charakterystyka Wis y i o zjawiskach towarzysz cych zamarzaniu rzek ( Characteristics of the Vistula and concerning phenomena accompanying the freezing of rivers , in Polish )

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Wis a; jej bieg, w asno ci i sp awno (The Vistula; its course, properties and navigability

    Powodzie w Polsce i ochrona przed nimi w zarysie historycznym (Floods in Poland and flood protection in a historical outline, in Polish)

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