History of Water Fluoridation

  title={History of Water Fluoridation},
  author={Joseph Mullen},
  volume={199 Suppl 2},
The Controversy over Community Water Fluoridation : an Analysis of its Effects and Reasons Behind the Arguments
This thesis explores different viewpoints on the history of community water fluoridation and reflects on the arguments made by the proand anti-fluoridationists in the United States, and draws a conclusion as to why community water fluoride has not been implemented in all cities, despite its overall health benefits.
Community water fluoridation and caries prevention: a critical review
Although water fluoridation may still be a relevant public health measure in poor and disadvantaged populations, the use of topical fluoride offers an optimal opportunity to prevent caries among people living in both industrialized and developing countries.
Effects of Fluoridated Water on Pineal Morphology in Male Rats
It is shown here how to identify the different types of stone masons that have been used for the construction of the watchmills in the Czech Republic.
Dental caries and dental fluorosis according to water fluoridation among 12-year-old Brazilian schoolchildren: a nation-wide study comparing different municipalities
Lower prevalence of dental caries was found with the increasing percentage of municipalities with optimal fluoridated water and with the increase prevalence of dentist fluorosis.
The Effects of Fluoride Ions on Neuromuscular Activity and Regeneration in Dugesia tigrina
It was concluded that fluoride ions negatively impact nervous system activity and development in planarians and possibly in similar organisms.
Fluoretação em Água de Abastecimento e a Saúde Pública Fluoridation in Water Supply and Public Health
Documentary review related to the use and application of fluoride in drinking water to prevent dental caries in the population will be presented, as well as general aspects and toxicity of fluoride.
Why Don't Medicare and Medicaid Cover Dental Health Services?
The medical-dental divide has created and exacerbated health inequity between those who can afford dental care and those who cannot and why dentistry exists outside medicine rather than as a specialty within it.
Fluoride Content in Asian Produced Green Teas.
Considering the fluoride content revealed by this study, green tea consumption habits should be taken into account when prescribing adjunct fluoride therapy as part of a preventative program for patient care.
Fluoride Geochemistry and Exposure Risk Through Groundwater Sources in Northeastern Parts of Rajasthan, India
The northern and northeastern parts of Rajasthan are less prone to fluorosis, whereas the south-central and southwestern parts are highly vulnerable to fluorideosis.


A Systematic Review of Public Water Fluoridation
The aim of these studies is to provide an estimate of how much an outcome has changed over a period of time, and such studies have an advantage over cross sectional studies in that the baseline values for the prevalence of the outcome are higher.
Bioavailability of Fluoride in Drinking Water: a Human Experimental Study
Any differences in fluoride bioavailability between drinking waters in which fluoride is present naturally or added artificially, or the waters are hard or soft, were small compared with large within- and between-subject variations in F absorption.