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History of Special Operations Forces in Malaysia

  title={History of Special Operations Forces in Malaysia},
  author={Shams Rahman},
Abstract : From 1941 to 1990, Malaysia was involved in violent conflicts against internal and external threats. Most military literature does not emphasize the role of Special Operations Forces (SOF) during these five decades of conflicts. This thesis highlights some lessons learned that might be useful for countries with strategic and operational concerns similar to Malaysia, details the contributions of the SOF to Malaysia from World War II to the present, and examines their utility in… 



A Theory of Special Operations: The Origin, Qualities, and Use of SOF

Abstract : As we enter the seventh year of the current conflict against violent-extremist terrorist networks, the importance of Special Operations Forces (SOF) in this fight remains crucial. SOF were

Malaysia's Senoi Praaq Special Forces

Created by British colonial authorities in 1956 as a crack unit to ¢ght the Communists during the Malayan Emergency, the Senoi Praaq is a legend in independent Malaysia and an essential component in

Rebellion in Brunei: The 1962 Revolt, Imperialism, Confrontation and Oil

Brunei has long been associated with massive oil resources and the stability that its wealth can guarantee. But little is known of the revolt of 1962 that might have changed the fortunes of the

Special Operation Forces: Integrating SOF into Joint Warfighting

With Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, special operations forces emerged from the shadows. Warfighting doctrine and methods that integrate and coordinate the conventional with the

The Evolution of Special Forces in Counter-Terrorism: The British and American Experiences

Introduction The Evolution of British Forces in Low-Intensity Conflict British Special Forces in Low-Intensity Conflict The Evolution and Role of British Special Forces The Iranian Embassy Siege -

Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam

Invariably, armies are accused of preparing to fight the previous war. In "Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife", Lieutenant Colonel John A. Nagl - a veteran of both Operation Desert Storm and the

Handfuls of Heroes on Desperate Ventures: When do Special Operations Succeed?

  • C. Gray
  • Business
    The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters
  • 1999
The frequently quoted words of Yasotay penetrate to the core of the strategic utility of special operations forces. That utility reposes most essentially in two qualities, economy of force and

Commandos and Politicians: Elite Military Units in Modern Democracies. By Cohen Eliot A.. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Center for International Affairs, 1978. Pp. 134. $8.95, cloth; $3.95, paper.)

  • E. Glick
  • Political Science
    American Political Science Review
  • 1979
Germany at the Polls is mostly concerned with political parties and their role in the electoral game. In the opening chapter, Loewenberg does an admirable job sketching the party development in West

Explorations in strategy

Preface Introduction The Challenge of Strategy On Strategic Performance The Advantages and Limitations of Sea Power: British Defense in a Joint World Deterrence, Still a Reliable Strategy? Strategy