History of Ichnology: Early Ichnology Poems and Their Poets

  title={History of Ichnology: Early Ichnology Poems and Their Poets},
  author={S. George Pemberton},
  pages={264 - 270}
In the early nineteenth century, the discovery of trace fossils fired the imagination of the discoverers and inspired them to compose unique poems. John Joly of Ireland wrote a poem about the invertebrate trace fossil Oldhamia that had been discovered in rocks around Bray Head. In the United States, the Reverend Edward Hitchcock discovered what he felt were giant bird tracks that later turned out to be reptile tracks. The traces inspired Hitchcock, who published a poem “The Sandstone Bird” in… Expand
History of Ichnology: John Joly (1857–1933) on Oldhamia: Poetic and Scientific Observations
John Joly was an Irish engineer and geologist who in the 1880s attempted to explain the formation of Cambrian markings known as Oldhamia to the freezing of sediment and the development of surfaceExpand


Edward Hitchcock's Poem, The Sandstone Bird (1836)
Edward Hitchcock's 113-line poetic description of the animals believed responsible for the large, three-toed Lower Jurassic Eubrontes giganteus fossil footprints was obscurely published in 1836. DueExpand
Edward Hitchcock and Roland Bird: Two Early Titans of Vertebrate Ichnology in North America
SUMMARY: Vertebrate ichnology in North America has a long and distinguished history, starting with the remarkable discoveries by Edward Hitchcock of dinosaur footprints and trackways from theExpand
Geology and Mineralogy Considered with Reference to Natural Theology
Moving away from his earlier belief in a short, catastrophic history of the Earth, this volume shows how Buckland envisages instead progressive change as the Earth gradually cooled as it was preparedExpand
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  • Medicine
  • Revue de medecine navale (metropole et outre-mer); travaux scientifiques des medecins et pharmaciens-chimistes de la marine
  • 1952
Dr Jens Nielsen a member of the editorial board of the journal Plant Protection Science (from 1994 to 2010) passed away on February 4, 2013 in Winnipeg at the age of 85 years. He was born inExpand
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