History of Automatic Focusing Reflected by Patents

  title={History of Automatic Focusing Reflected by Patents},
  author={Octavian Baltag},
  journal={Science and innovation},
  • O. Baltag
  • Published 2 March 2015
  • Art
  • Science and innovation
The work presents the evolution of a technical idea concerning the automatic image focusing in photo cameras, TV cameras and camcorder-type recording cameras. The work aims to present both the evolution of the technical solutions, and a Romanian priority concerning the automatic focusing reached by the technologies of the optical and electronic industries of image taking only 15 years after having been patented in Romania the most utilized principles, namely the dynamic analysis of image… 
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A focus control strategy that varies focal position dynamically to maximize image quality as estimated from the focal stack is proposed and a rule-based agent and a learned agent for different scenarios are proposed and show their advantages over other focus stacking methods.

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The automatic focusing camera includes a closest locking processing part 6 for inhibiting the photographic lens driving operation based on the comparison result of the comparing part 7 that the present lens position is on the close distance side than the closest lens position.

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