History dependence of non-fully depleted (NFD) digital SOI circuits

  title={History dependence of non-fully depleted (NFD) digital SOI circuits},
  author={Golnaz Shahidi and Michael J. Hargrove and H. Hovel and Sudhakar A. Kulkarni and Werner Rausch and D. K. Sadana and D. Schepis and Ralf Schulz and Daniel D Yee and J. Sun and R. H. Dennard and Bijan Davari},
  journal={1996 Symposium on VLSI Technology. Digest of Technical Papers},
In this paper we experimentally demonstrate that the switching speed of digital circuits built from Non-Fully Depleted (NFD) SOI MOSFETs show a time dependence. Using a very high-bandwidth setup and pulses as short as 1 nsec, the magnitude and range of this memory effect are determined. It is demonstrated that the propagation delay variations have switching-history, V/sub dd/, and L/sub eff/ dependence. The cause of this behavior is traced to the SOI MOSFET's floating body and the dynamic… CONTINUE READING

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  • G. G. Shahidi et al., IEEE TED
  • pp. 2405-2411,
  • 1994

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