History and the Politics of Nostalgia

  title={History and the Politics of Nostalgia},
  author={Marcos Piason Natali},
  journal={The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies},
  • M. P. Natali
  • Published 2004
  • Art
  • The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies
In 1688 the Swiss doctor Johannes Hofer published a tract in which, after consider­ ing the terms nostomania and philopatridomania, he settles on a combination of the Greek words nostos and algos to describe the pain resulting from the desire to return to one’s home (381). Thus the word nostalgia was born, in a text claiming that a properly scientific term was lacking in order to accurately identify a condition that Hofer insisted was a clinical entity and, as such, was above all of medical… 
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ABSTRACT In “Good History/Bad History” (1991), Tibor Kalman, J. Abbott Miller, and Karrie Jacobs identified critical issues in graphic design history while denouncing imitations of modernist works.
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This paper argues that the 'nostalgia' that the Anglo-Indian community exhibits in the telling of its (hi)stories can be seen as functioning to (re)claim India as homeland. The Anglo-Indians are the
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We certainly do our utmost to equal the Ancients in every sort of ostentation, in debauchery and in the devising of gratifications, in comforts and in luxuries, for our wills are as vitiated as
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Against Teleology: Nostalgia and the Vicissitudes of Connectedness in Pharrell Williams’s Music Video It Girl
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He suggests that when european visitors assumed the untold aspects of communication he calls most. Eric on trouillot's lengthy example of how and the revolution itself systematic? Some level of such
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L'A. mene une etude sur la conscience historique dans les differents types de civilisation. Il s'interroge sur la place que chacune d'entre elles attribue a son passe et examine comment s'elabore une
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“ Medical Dissertation on Nostalgia . ” Trans . Carolyn Kiser Anspach
  • The Age o f Revolution , 1789 - 1848
  • 1962