History and Literature

  title={History and Literature},
  author={Emily J. Rice and Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen},
  journal={The Elementary School Teacher and Course of Study},
  pages={40 - 48}
ing us to a wider interest in social welfare and a new conception of social duty. We are slowly coming to believe that the individual realizes his best self only in the larger experience of the whole. This view of life involves a conscious attempt to give the individual a true appreciation of his relationships. As long as we are without a knowlege of the needs of the community, and without a consideration for the general interests, society must suffer. The task of education is to furnish… 

Queer Visions of Islam

  • Art
  • 2012
binary and supposedly natural or essentialist oppositions that include identity/difference, nature/culture, 5 truth/rhetoric, speech/writing, and male/female. The construction of these qualities

A People That Shall Dwell alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy

A study of Judaism from an evolutionary perspective. The author argues that Judaism has grown with an evolutionary strategy characterised by endogamy, resistance to genetic and cultural assimilation,

“Necessary fictions”: authorship and transethnic identity in contemporary American narratives

As a theory and political movement of the late 20th century, multiculturalism has emphasized recognition, tolerance, and the peaceful coexistence of cultures, while providing the groundwork for

An Analytical Study of Women Objectification in “In Other Rooms, Other Wonders

  • Faheem Arshad
  • Economics
    University of Chitral Journal of Linguistics and Literature
  • 2021
The objectification of women is a communal problem in every developed and underdeveloped society of the world. Women make a major population of the world and serve society in multidimensional modes,


HIISTORY . . . is A nightmare from which I am trying to awake," exclaims Stephen Daedalus in Ulysses, voicing a widespread concern that man, trapped inside history, has lost his deeper or primal

Toynbee's Approach to History Reviewed

W ITH the publication this autumn of the last four volumes of Arnold J. Toynbee's A Study of History, the debate over the character and authority of his work is being resumed. Inasmuch as in the

Explorations on the Abbasids Political Culture in Pursuit of Sustainable System of Governance in the Muslim World

Today democracy and good governance are absent from the Muslim world. Some attribute this to the religion of Islam itself while others, the mainstream of the world community, have attributed it to

“I Am Not Good at Any of This.” Playing with Homoeroticism in The Arabian Nights

The story collection known in the West as The Arabian Nights or One Thousand and One Nights, is famous, among other things, for its erotic playfulness. This eroticism was (and is) one of the key

Portuguese and Brazilian Literature

dad en las Sonatas," 203-15; Rodolfo Cardona, “El tiempo en Sonata de otofio," 216-23; Emma S. Speratti-Pinero, “Valle-Inclan y Mexico:Parte I, Sonata de estlo," 224-29; Roberta Salper de Tortella,