History, Typology and Homily: The Joseph Cycle in the Queen Mary Psalter

  title={History, Typology and Homily: The Joseph Cycle in the Queen Mary Psalter},
  author={Kathryn A. Smith},
  pages={147 - 159}
The Queen Mary Psalter is one of the most important English luxury devotional manuscripts of the first half of the fourteenth century. However, the impetus for and circumstances of the book's commission have until now remained an enigma. The starting point for this study is the discovery of a representation of the dovetopped virga--an element of the royal regalia depicted in several works associated with Plantagenet patronage--in the Joseph narrative in the Old Testament cycle at the beginning… 
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  • 1997
This index records the contributions published in Gesta from 1982 (volume XXI) through 1996 (Volume XXXV). Gesta published an index for its first ten volumes in 1972 (volume Xl) and an index for its


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