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Historiographic Metafiction Parody and the Intertextuality of History

  title={Historiographic Metafiction Parody and the Intertextuality of History},
  author={Linda Hutcheon},
Multiplicity of History in Our Lady of Alice Bhatti Through Historiographic Metafiction
English fiction, in the recent decades, has significantly manifested its deepest concern for postmodern transformation of history through subversion of the traditional historical narratives. TheExpand
The Evolutionary Potential of Metacriticality in Reference to Watchmen — the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore and
In this article I discuss the impact of self-awareness and metacritical tendencies within the texts of popular culture on the development of genres in the politypical chain. Preliminary analysisExpand
Rewriting the Nation: German-Turkish Transformations of the Bildungsroman
  • Leah Heim
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Frontier Studies
  • 2021
Literatures arising in the context of migration and cultural contact are known to provoke the nationally confined canonisation of literature. While the view that so-called ‘migrant literature’ doesExpand
Alternative Histories in Youssef Ziedan ' s Azazeel : Historiographic Metafiction in the Contemporary Arabic Historical Novel )
Drawing on Linda Hutcheon's theory, this article reads Azazeel as a historiographic metafiction. It argues that the novel not only denounces the so-called religious, or religiously-motivated,Expand
Between History and ( Distorted ) Memory . Hidden Monograms of the Past in The King of Two Sicilies by Andrzej Kuśniewicz
The paper is devoted to The King of Two Sicilies – a novel from 1970 by Andrzej Kuśniewicz. The novel is analyzed as an intertextual, historiographic metanovel, depicting the relations between aExpand
Reclamation of the Narrative for the Silenced Voice in Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad
  • Saroj G.C.
  • Literary Studies
  • 2021
This article analyzes Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad, a rewriting of Homeric epic, The Odyssey. Atwood rewrites the story — the saga of gallantry and triumphalism of Odysseus, with narrative shiftExpand
The intelligent methods of novel the disappeared intersexuality
Abstract The rewrite the experiences of those who lived it, urging readers to look over the epic, tragic, and offensive facet of their history. The purpose of this study is to show how and whyExpand
A Palestinian Discourse: Historiographic Metafiction in Rula Jebreal’s Miral
History cannot be overlooked in fiction, and with the growing art of infusing history into the backgrounds of modern novels, Linda Hutcheon believes that history adds another dimension to variousExpand
African Cultural Memory in Fred Khumalo’s Touch my Blood and its Metafictional Para-texts
This article gleans its momentum from Ronit Frenkel’s palimpsestic observation that the local and the global exist as “coeval discourses of signification in South African transitional literature,”Expand
Colson Whitehead’s History of the United States
Since the publication of his first novel twenty years ago, Colson Whitehead has become one of the most lauded, prized, taught, and studied American novelists writing today. Winner of the NationalExpand