Historical pattern and mass balance of trace metals in sediments of the northwestern Adriatic Sea Shelf.

  title={Historical pattern and mass balance of trace metals in sediments of the northwestern Adriatic Sea Shelf.},
  author={S Romano and Leonardo Langone and Mauro Frignani and Sonia Albertazzi and Paola Focaccia and Luca Giorgio Bellucci and Mariangela Ravaioli},
  journal={Marine pollution bulletin},
  volume={76 1-2},
In view of the recent action in Marine Strategy Framework Directive, reconstructing the history of anthropogenic metal inputs and calculating the budgets for the northwestern part of the Italian Adriatic basin can provide a benchmark for comparison with new evidences and enlighten recent environmental changes. Among the metals, the attention was focused on Pb and Zn, as they provide the most significant anthropogenic signals. In 1988, areal distributions clearly identified the Po, Adige and… CONTINUE READING

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