Historical evidence for a dramatic increase in the nitrate component of acid rain

  title={Historical evidence for a dramatic increase in the nitrate component of acid rain},
  author={Peter Brimblecombe and Donald H. Stedman},
The concentrations of nitrate and ammonium ion in rainfall have an important effect on precipitation pH. We have collected sets of rainfall analyses from non-urban sites in North America and western Europe, which start from last century, and we show here that there is a marked increase in the annual deposit of nitrate ion compared with relatively stable levels of ammonium ion deposit. The increase apparent in the data from the US parallels the increases in nitrogen oxide emissions from… Expand
Trend of the nitrate and ammonium content of precipitation water in Hungary for the last 80 years
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Ammonia is the primary gaseous alkaline species in the atmosphere over Europe, neutralising up to 70% of the original acidity in precipitation [Buijsman et al., 1987]. It is directly involved in theExpand
An evaluation of trends in the acidity of precipitation and the related acidification of surface water in North America
  • J. Turk
  • Geography, Environmental Science
  • 1983
The acidity of precipitation in the northeastern United States has increased, probably as a result of anthropogenic emissions. Increases in New England and New York occurred primarily before theExpand
Wet and dry deposition of nitrogen compounds in the southeast Pacific coast: Montemar, central Chile
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Modeling the Effects of Acid Deposition and Natural Organic Acids on Surface Waters
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A Single Law to Describe Atmospheric Nitrogen Bulk Deposition versus Rainfall Amount: Inputs at the Seine River Watershed Scale
Atmospheric nitrogen species (NH4-N and (NO3+NO2)-N) were determined in weekly samples of atmospheric bulk deposition (dry plus wet), collected in France at seven sites over the course of a year.Expand
An elevation-based regional model for interpolating sulphur and nitrogen deposition
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Deposition of Pollutants on Plants and Soils; Principles and Pathways
There is considerable variation in the “pollution climate” in Europe, i.e. in the mixtures of pollutants found in various regions, and further monitoring of pollution climates is necessary to defineExpand