Historical Views on the Origins of Korea’s Taekwondo

  title={Historical Views on the Origins of Korea’s Taekwondo},
  author={Cindy Park and Tae Yang Kim},
  journal={The International Journal of the History of Sport},
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Abstract The present study reviews the key contents and issues of Traditionalism, New Traditionalism and Revisionism, the key historical views of Taekwondo, with the purpose of focusing on the validity and limitations of New Revisionism. Traditionalism emphasizes that Taekwondo is Korea’s traditional martial art. New Traditionalism accepts this view and also recognizes the partial effect of Karate on Taekwondo without providing enough supporting evidence on their claims. Revisionism also… 
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This investigation tries to shed a little light on the different theories that fight concerning the origin of this beautiful martial art and on the evolution that has continued from his creation up to the current times.
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Taekwondo, which is a national martial art of Korea, is one of the proudest cultural heritages for the Korean people. Taekwondo has developed into a modern sport as a result of painstaking research
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  • 1971
New Theory on the History of Taekwondo