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Historical Shoreline Position Change for the Mainland Beach in Harrison County, Mississippi

  title={Historical Shoreline Position Change for the Mainland Beach in Harrison County, Mississippi},
  author={Mark R. Byrnes and Matteson W. Hiland and Randolph A. McBride},
Historical shoreline position change (1851/52 to 1986) associated with the mainland beach in Harrison County, Mississippi, are controlled by engineering activities associated with beach replenishment and harbor constructions since 1951. Long-term trends illustrate net progradation since 1851/52 whereas short-term trends (1951 to 1986) show net retreat at a rate of 0.5 m/yr. Although harbor entrances that act as littoral barriers segregate the beach into geomorphic zones, temporal variability in… 

Littoral Sediment Budget for the Mississippi Sound Barrier Islands

Abstract : Shoreline and beach evolution for the barrier islands fronting Mississippi Sound are driven by longshore transport processes associated with storm and normal wave and current conditions.

Beach Aggradation Following Hurricane Landfall: Impact Comparisons from Two Contrasting Hurricanes, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Abstract While the effects of major hurricanes have been intensively studied, less is known about the impact of the weaker but more frequent tropical cyclones, such as Hurricane Georges (1998). This

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Assessment of the Effects of Sand Harvesting On River Water Quality: Case Study in Iuuma River, Kivaa Ward, Machakos County

  • Mbugua Jk
  • Biology
    MOJ Proteomics & Bioinformatics
  • 2018
Water is a universal solvent and picks up impurities easily and thus changes its taste, color and odour, but most water parameters cannot be easily detected by mere observation and require chemical testing.

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  • K. Nordstrom
  • Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences
  • 2021