Historical Foundations for Future Speculations

  title={Historical Foundations for Future Speculations},
  author={Cadell Last},
  journal={World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures},
  • C. Last
  • Published 2020
  • World-Systems Evolution and Global Futures



Reactions to Dead Bodies of Conspecifics by Wild Chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains, Tanzania

Various reactions to dead conspecifics by Mahale chimpanzees have been observed. Reactions were classified into whether the dead conspecific was an infant or adult.The extreme persistence of one

Culture in Bonobos? Between‐Species and Within‐Species Variation in Behavior1

Long-term studies on wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) conducted over the past four decades have revealed extensive behavioral variation within and between local populations (McGrew 1983, Nishida et

Social Macroevolution: Growth of the World System Integrity and a System of Phase Transitions

There are very significant conceptual links between theories of social macroevolution and theories of the World System development. It is shown that the growth of the World System complexity and

SPECIAL SECTION: The Future of a Discipline: Considering the Ontological/Methodological Future of the Anthropology of Consciousness, Part II†

In order for the valuable research published in the Anthropology of Consciousness (AoC) journal to have the impact it ought to have upon the anthropological mainstream, contributors must demonstrate

Andromeda on collision course with the Milky Way

The two galaxies will meet head-on in 4 billion years, astronomers say.