Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Intelligence

  title={Historical Dictionary of Middle Eastern Intelligence},
  author={Ephraim Kahana and Muhammad Youssef Suwaed},
The Historical Dictionary of Middle East Intelligence addresses intelligence issues in the region from ancient history and the Middle Ages through modern times, covering the decline of the Ottoman Empire, intelligence activity in the Middle East during and between the two world wars, and the interplay between colonial and local intelligence and counterintelligence agencies of the period. It also presents the relatively new fundamentalist terrorist organizations that have had a significant… 
Egyptian foreign policy (special reference after The 25th of January Revolution)
The main goal of this research is to analyze how Egypt defined its national interest during the course of its modern history, since the termination of the monarchy in the country in the year 1952. As
Great Saying اِنَّمَا بُعِثتُ مُعَلِمًاand Status of Teachers in Muslim Countries: A Comparative Study of Past and Present for Future Improvement
120 Great Sayingامًلَِعمُ تُُثعُِبامََّنِاand Status of Teachers in Muslim Countries: A Comparative Study of Past and Present for Future Improvement Dr. Syed Aftab Alam ABSTRACT: The Divine teachings
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) in Middle East: Data, Facts and Doubts
The severity of the COVID-19 disease varies from country to country, with the highest rates of infection in Iran, Turkey and Egypt, compared to other countries involved, Iran has the most recovery.
Is home Care a Successful Strategy in COVID-19? A Valuable Experience from Iran
Home quarantine decreases stress and fear in patients and their family and prevents social labelling for these individuals as well as highly satisfied regarding being cared for in their home and by family members.
Asgari egemenlik azami istihbarat: Soğuk savaşta Federal Almanya Cumhuriyeti dış istihbarat servisi’nin (BND) Ortadoğu’daki faaliyetleri
  • Ahmet Bülbül
  • Erciyes Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi
  • 2020
Soguk Savas sirasinda, bolunmus Almanya; iki blok gucu arasinda onemli bir on cephe haline gelmis, Ikinci Dunya Savasi sonrasi egemenligini kisitlayici kosullara ragmen, bu donemde hem kendi hem de


British intelligence and the middle east, 1900–1918: how much do we know?
Primary sources available in British and Israeli archives (first and foremost – the Public Record Office) allow serious study of the British intelligence apparatus in the Middle East and its
Turkey's Intelligence Community in Changing Times
It can be argued that Turkey's geostrategic importance has not diminished with the end of the Cold War. Whereas a decade and a half ago it directly faced, and was preoccupied with, the Soviet threat,
Crisis management in colonial states: Intelligence and counter-insurgency in Morocco and Syria after the First World War
This article addresses fundamental questions about power in colonial states by analysing the role and performance of intelligence agencies in response to internal rebellion. What was the relationship
Historical dictionary of terrorism
This newly revised and updated Dictionary contains a wealth of information regarding major terrorist groups, significant terrorist events and the weapons behind the terror. Beginning with acts of
Air power and intelligence in the western desert campaign, 1940–43
During the fighting in the Western Desert of North Africa, the Royal Air Force conducted a land‐based interdiction campaign against Axis motorized transport supply columns which was guided by
Military Intelligence and the Arab Revolt: The First Modern Intelligence War
Introduction. Legacies of the First World War. Intelligence: Suspended Potential. Progress to the East. The Arab Bureau and British Policy 1. Setting the Scene: British Intelligence and an Arab
Notes on the cia's Secret War in Afghanistan
The new war against terrorism has taken up where the United States left off some years ago in its campaign against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Events of the initial campaign of the terror war,
Britain, the United States and the Syrian crisis, 1957
This paper seeks to analyze the Syrian Crisis in 1957 and its impact on the Anglo‐American reconciliation after the dispute over Suez in the previous year. The Middle East remained at the forefront
The Arab bulletin : bulletin of the Arab Bureau in Cairo, 1916-1919 : including indexes for 1916, 1917 and 1918 and the supplementary notes on the Middle East nos. 1-4, 1919-1920
The Arab Bulletin was founded on the initiative of T. E. Lawrence to provide 'a secret magazine of Middle East politics'. Lawrence edited the first number on 6 June 1916 and thereafter sent numerous
British Intelligence and the Turkish National Movement, 1919-22
Readers of Keith Jeffery and Alan Sharp's article 'Lord Curzon and Secret Intelligence', in Christopher Andrew and Jeremy Noakes (eds.) Intelligence and International Relations (University of Exeter,