Historical DNA documents long-distance natal homing in marine fish.

  title={Historical DNA documents long-distance natal homing in marine fish.},
  author={Sara Bonanomi and Nina Overgaard Therkildsen and Anja Retzel and Rasmus Berg Hedeholm and Martin Waever Pedersen and Dorte Meldrup and Christophe Pampoulie and Jakob Hemmer-Hansen and Peter Gr\onkjaer and Einar E. Nielsen},
  journal={Molecular ecology},
  volume={25 12},
The occurrence of natal homing in marine fish remains a fundamental question in fish ecology as its unequivocal demonstration requires tracking of individuals from fertilization to reproduction. Here, we provide evidence of long-distance natal homing (>1000 km) over more than 60 years in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), through genetic analysis of archived… CONTINUE READING