[Histoplasmosis story from Tennessee, U.S.A. to Turkey].


Histoplasmosis is a mycotic disease that is acquired by inhalation of spores of the dimorphic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. It is an acute, subacute or chronic, localized or systemic, sporadic, granulomatous infectious disease caused by yeast form of the fungus, and can present just like pulmonary tuberculosis. Originally thought to be a rare tropical disease, histoplasmosis has been recorded from the whole America continent mainly the central zone of the United States, whole continents except Antarctica and more than 60 countries. In this article the discovery and identification story of H. capsulatum and histoplasmosis in United States especially by the researchers in Vanderbilt University Hospital (VUMC) in Nashville-Tennessee, was reminded. The first antemortem diagnosis of histoplasmosis was made at VUMC in 1932 by MDs Edna Tomkins and Katherine Dodd, who found the organism in peripheral blood monocytes of an infant. The man who succeeded in growing and defining the H. copsulatum for the first time in the world is Dr William A. DeMonbreun. VUMC has been closely associated with progress in the understanding of the disease ever since. Ekrem Kadri Unat was the researcher who initiated the pivotal systemic mycological studies for histoplasmosis in Turkey. First human histoplasmosis case was reported by Tevfik Saglam, MD in 1945 and first feline case was reported by DVM Reşat S. Akün in 1949. This feline case was the first histoplasmosis case defined in a cat not only in Turkey but also in the world. Ayhan Yücel MD and Kantarcloğlu isolated H. capsulatum from environmental samples in 1989 for the first time in Turkey. Owing to these data, it is believed that Turkey is a possible endemic region for this fungal disease. Therefore it is aimed to make a concise review of histoplasmosis in U.S.A., Europe and Turkey in this article.

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