Histopathology of ulcerative colitis in initial rectal biopsy in children.

  title={Histopathology of ulcerative colitis in initial rectal biopsy in children.},
  author={Kay M. Washington and Joel K. Greenson and Elizabeth Montgomery and Yu Shyr and Karen D. Crissinger and David Brent Polk and John Barnard and Gregory Yves Lauwers},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={26 11},
Definitive histologic diagnosis of ulcerative colitis relies upon mucosal architectural distortion and inflammation in the appropriate clinical setting. Although crypt branching, atrophy, and loss are usually present in first biopsies from adults with ulcerative colitis, it has been our impression that features of chronicity are often lacking in first biopsies from children. To test this hypothesis, initial rectal biopsies and follow-up biopsies and/or colonic resections from 53 children (age… CONTINUE READING
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