Histopathology of Calciphylaxis: Cohort Study With Clinical Correlations.

  title={Histopathology of Calciphylaxis: Cohort Study With Clinical Correlations.},
  author={Tiffany Yu-Han Chen and Julia S Lehman and Lawrence E. Gibson and Christine Marie Lohse and Rokea A. el-Azhary},
  journal={The American Journal of dermatopathology},
  volume={39 11},
Calciphylaxis is a rare, painful, and life-threatening condition with a high mortality rate. Although the etiology of calciphylaxis is not well understood, it has been proposed that calcium deposition within and around subcutaneous vessels restricts blood flow chronically, thereby predisposing the patient to acute pannicular and dermal thrombosis. Given increasing recognition of the role of hypercoagulability in calciphylaxis, this retrospective cohort study sought to evaluate the presence of… CONTINUE READING