Histopathological findings of human thyroid tumors and dynamic MRI.

  title={Histopathological findings of human thyroid tumors and dynamic MRI.},
  author={Takeshi Kusunoki and Kiyotaka Murata and Shozo Nishida and Takanori Tomura and Masaaki Inoue},
  journal={Auris, nasus, larynx},
  volume={29 4},
OBJECTIVE Time intensity curves for gadolinium-diethylenetriaminepentaceticacid (Gd-DTPA) enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), namely dynamic MRI, were determined for thyroid diseases, and compared with findings of histopathologic examination. METHODS Time intensity curves for the thyroid tumors were determined. Three different patterns of time intensity curves were observed: a rapid washout pattern, a delayed washout pattern and no change. Cell proliferating activities of thyroid… CONTINUE READING

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