Histopathological effects induced by paraquat during Xenopus laevis primary myogenesis.

  title={Histopathological effects induced by paraquat during Xenopus laevis primary myogenesis.},
  author={P. Mantecca and S. Panseri and R. Bacchetta and C. Vismara and G. Vailati and M. Camatini},
  journal={Tissue & cell},
  volume={38 3},
The oxidative agent paraquat induced tail abnormalities during Xenopus laevis development. Specimens exposed from blastula to the tadpole stage revealed pear-shaped myocytes and irregular intersomitic boundaries. The histological feature of the axial musculature was evaluated in embryos sampled at significant stages of the primary myogenesis. During the somitogenesis PQ-treated embryos showed normal appearing myotomes, but reduced PAS activity in the post-rotating myotomal cells, and myoblasts… Expand
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