Histopathologic and immunocytochemical studies of distemper in seals.

  title={Histopathologic and immunocytochemical studies of distemper in seals.},
  author={Seamus Kennedy and Joan A. Smyth and P F Cush and P{\'a}draig J. Duignan and Michael Platten and Samuel J McCullough and Gordon M Allan},
  journal={Veterinary pathology},
  volume={26 2},
Thousands of harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) died in European seas during 1988. Respiratory distress and oculonasal discharge were common clinical signs. We necropsied 76 affected seals. The main necropsy finding was severe pneumonia. Microscopic lung changes were characterized by proliferation of type II pneumocytes, filling of alveolar lumina with serofibrinous exudate, leukocytes, and macrophages, and necrosis of bronchial and bronchiolar epithelium. Intracytoplasmic and intranuclear… CONTINUE READING


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