Histopathologic Study On Human Sparganosis.

  title={Histopathologic Study On Human Sparganosis.},
  author={Je Geun Chi and Hyun Sook Chi and Soon Hyung Lee},
  journal={Kisaengch'unghak chapchi. The Korean journal of parasitology},
  volume={18 1},
Based on 16 cases of human sparganosis, a histopathological study was made. There was a striking similarity among histological features of sparganosis involving different tissues. The histological change of the affected tissues was characterized by a necrotizing and granulomatous inflammation with or without worm parasite in the lesions. There was also a remarkable polymorphonuclear leukocytic mobilization, predominantly of eosinophils, plasma cells and lymphocytes in and near the lesions… CONTINUE READING

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