Histone gene number in relation to C-value in amphibians.

  title={Histone gene number in relation to C-value in amphibians.},
  author={Vaughan A. Hilder and R N Livesey and P C Turner and Mihaela Vlad},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={9 21},
We have compared the number of copies of sequences complementary to a cloned Xenopus histone H4 coding sequence in the genomes of Xenopus, Triturus and Ambystoma, amphibian species with widely different C-values (3, 23 and 38pg DNA/haploid genome respectively). Quantitative autoradiography indicates that H4 sequence constitute a greater proportion of the genome the larger that genome is. Measurement of the absolute copy-number by reassociation kinetic analysis indicated 47 +/- 10, 636 +/- 21… CONTINUE READING
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