Histone H1 null vertebrate cells exhibit altered nucleosome architecture

  title={Histone H1 null vertebrate cells exhibit altered nucleosome architecture},
  author={Hideharu Hashimoto and Yasunari Takami and Eiichiro Sonoda and Tomohito Iwasaki and Hidetomo Iwano and Makoto Tachibana and Shunichi Takeda and Tatsuo Nakayama and Hiroshi Kimura and Yoichi Shinkai},
  booktitle={Nucleic acids research},
In eukaryotic nuclei, DNA is wrapped around an octamer of core histones to form nucleosomes, and chromatin fibers are thought to be stabilized by linker histones of the H1 type. Higher eukaryotes express multiple variants of histone H1; chickens possess six H1 variants. Here, we generated and analyzed the phenotype of a complete deletion of histone H1 genes in chicken cells. The H1-null cells showed decreased global nucleosome spacing, expanded nuclear volumes, and increased chromosome… CONTINUE READING
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