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Histone Acetylation and Chromatin Conformation Are Regulated Separately at the TNF-alpha Promoter in Monocytes and Macrophages

  title={Histone Acetylation and Chromatin Conformation Are Regulated Separately at the TNF-alpha Promoter in Monocytes and Macrophages},
  author={Julia Yung Lee-Soety},
Effect of Prostaglandin I2 Analogs on Cytokine Expression in Human Myeloid Dendritic Cells via Epigenetic Regulation
PGI2 analogs enhance IL-10 and suppress TNF-α expression through the IP/EP2/EP4 receptors-cAMP and EP1 receptor-Ca2+ pathway and epigenetic regulation by downregulation of histone H3K4 trimethylation. Expand
Tumour necrosis factor-α and risk of cardiovascular disease among overfat Indonesian adolescents.
The study showed that a proinflammatory marker, plasma tumour necrosis factor-α, is associated with blood pressure, HDL and fasting plasma glucose in overweight and obese adolescents, indicating that inflammation in obese and overweight adolescents may play a role in increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Expand
Regulation of cytokine transcription in the context of chromatin
  • B. Nikolajczyk
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Archivum Immunologiae et Therapiae Experimentalis
  • 2006
Abstract.Understanding the transcriptional regulation of an important class of innate and adaptive immune system effector molecules, the cytokines, is increasingly important given the promiseExpand
IL-1 Transcriptional Responses to Lipopolysaccharides Are Regulated by a Complex of RNA Binding Proteins
This study analyzed transcriptional induction kinetics, chromosome looping, and enhancer RNA production to understand the distinct regulation of these three genes in human cells and concludes that IL1A and IL1B share many regulatory contacts, signaling pathways, and interactions with enhancer RNAs. Expand
Immunoregulation induced by autologous serum collected after acute exercise in obese men: a randomized cross-over trial
In vitro experiments revealed that post-HIIE serum reduced the histone H4 acetylation status and NF-κB content ofPBMCs and suppressed the production of both TNF-α and IL-6 by PBMCs, while increasing IL-10 production. Expand
Enhancer RNA and NF&kgr;B‐dependent P300 regulation of ADAMDEC1
The critical pathways regulating the expression of ADAMDEC1 are defined and knowledge of the roles of enhancer RNAs is extended and p300 binding to the enhancer was dependent on NF&kgr;B. Expand
Effet protecteur des acides gras polyinsaturés n-3 sur la neuroinflammation : implication des dérivés lipidiques
Le cerveau est tres riche en acide docosahexaenoique (DHA, acide gras polyinsature (AGPI) n-3) et en acide arachidonique (AGPI n-6) qui sont de puissants immunomodulateurs. Ils pourraient etreExpand
Investigating the adverse effects of novel tumour-specific IAP antagonists
The results allowed us to assess the importance of knowing the carrier and removal status of canine coronavirus, as a source of infection for other animals, not necessarily belonging to the same breeds. Expand
SERPINB2 is regulated by dynamic interactions with pause‐release proteins and enhancer RNAs
This study is the first to associate enhancer RNAs with SERPINB2 and the first demonstration of acquisition of NELF binding by enhancerRNAs on chromatin. Expand
Studies of TNF-alpha in Alpha-One Antitrypsin Deficient and healthy subjects
In monocytes from A1ATD-related COPD subjects, trends were observed for TNFR1 blockade to reduce both types of cytokine, for IL-10 to be reduced by TNFR2 blockade and forTNFR1 expression at the monocyte surface to be up-regulated by TNF-α-TNFR2 binding. Expand