[Histomorphometric analysis of the bone tissue in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes (DMNID)].


The effects of long-term diabetes mellitus on mineral metabolism and bone integrity remain ill defined. Several studies have shown that patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) have reduced bone mass. However, the effect of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) on bone mass has been controversial. Quantitative histologic assessments were completed in iliac crest bone samples obtained from 26 patients (13 male and 13 female) with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) and normal renal function (serum creatinine 1.00 +/- 0.04 mg/dl). The mean age was 67.42 +/- 2.74 yrs, range 50-89 yrs. For the control group the bone samples were taken from 20 non-diabetic subjects (11 male and 9 female) with a mean age of 57.95 +/- 3.96 yrs, range 33-91 yrs, n.s, that had suffered sudden or violent death. Significant lower values were present in the diabetic group for bone volume (p < 0.0001), osteoid volume (p < 0.005), osteoid thickness (p < 0.0001), cortical thickness (p < 0.05) and osteoblast surface (p < 0.05). Linear regression analysis revealed significant positive correlations of osteoid volume with osteoid thickness and osteoid surface in both groups. Our results suggest that the mechanism(s) underlying diabetic osteopenia may involve decreased bone turnover as reflected in a paucity of osteoblasts and diminished quantities of osteoid. A proeminent additional feature was a reduction in the cortical thickness.

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