Histomorphology of renal dysplasia--an autopsy study.

  title={Histomorphology of renal dysplasia--an autopsy study.},
  author={N. K. Kakkar and S Yamkumar Divakara Menon and Bishan Das Radotra},
  journal={Fetal and pediatric pathology},
  volume={25 2},
A retrospective analysis of pediatric autopsies in the past 18 years was done with the aim of studying the histomorphology of renal dysplasia. Renal dysplasia comprised 150 (3.66%) of the 4,099 pediatric autopsies from 20 weeks of gestation to 1 year of life. Primitive ducts with the fibromuscular collar, the sine qua non of renal dysplasia, was seen in all cases. Lobar disorganization and cysts were seen in all cases except for the 7 cases of hypodysplasia. Other elements were seen in varying… CONTINUE READING