Histology of the ink tube and its associated organs in a unicornfish,Eumecichthys fiskii (Lampridiformes)

  title={Histology of the ink tube and its associated organs in a unicornfish,Eumecichthys fiskii (Lampridiformes)},
  author={Yoshiharu Honma and Tatsuo Ushiki and Masaei Takeda},
  journal={Ichthyological Research},
Histological examination of the ink tube (=sac) and melanoid ink production in the unicornfish,Eumecichthys fiskii (Taeniosomi), were conducted on a female specimen, 1050 mm in total length, caught off Sado Island. Sea of Japan, on 16 December, 1996. The ink tube, apparently derived from a primitive gut, was constructed from the connective tissue capsule, muscularis, submucosa and a single layer of cuboidal cells reminiscent of an intestinal villus. Although the site and process of… 
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A fossil unicorn crestfish (Teleostei, Lampridiformes, Lophotidae) from the Eocene of Iran
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  • Environmental Science, Geography
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This work proposes a new genus and species of deep-sea teleost fauna,abelichthys olneyi, which differs from the other fossil lophotids by its relatively long and strongly projecting crest, suggesting a close relationship with the modern unicorn crestfish, Eumecichthy.


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