Histology and histomorphometric analysis of the normal and atrophic heel fat pad.

  title={Histology and histomorphometric analysis of the normal and atrophic heel fat pad.},
  author={Werner Buschmann and Melvin H Jahss and Frederick J. Kummer and Panna Desai and R. Gee and John Lawrence Ricci},
  journal={Foot & ankle international},
  volume={16 5},
Light and electron microscopy was used for a histologic examination of normal heel fat pads and atrophic heel fat pads from patients with peripheral neuropathies. Histomorphometric analysis revealed an average 30% smaller mean cell area and 16% smaller mean cell diameters in the atrophic pads compared with the normal heel fat pads. Septal walls in the atrophic fat pads were often fragmented and approximately 75% wider than normal. Perineural fibrosis was also found in the atrophic heel fat pads… CONTINUE READING


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