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Histological study on the gills of Macrobrachium asperulum

  title={Histological study on the gills of Macrobrachium asperulum},
  author={Geng Xue-xia},
  • Geng Xue-xia
  • Published 2002
  • Biology
  • The histology of the gills of M.asperulum was studied with section technology. The result shows that M.asperulum has seven pairs of phyllobranchs, and every one of them consists of a gill axis and many gill lamellae. The gill axis is composed of connective tissue, and has a vas afferens in its dorsal side and a vas efferens in its ventral side. The gill axis also contains a lot of gill glands,nephrocytes and nurse cells. The lamella is a basic respiratory unit of gill, and its wall is composed… CONTINUE READING