Histological characteristics of peri-implant mucosa around Brånemark and single-crystal sapphire implants.

  title={Histological characteristics of peri-implant mucosa around Br{\aa}nemark and single-crystal sapphire implants.},
  author={Kristina Arvidson and B Fartash and Marita Hilliges and P A Koendell},
  journal={Clinical oral implants research},
  volume={7 1},
Soft tissues surrounding Brånemark titanium implants and single crystal sapphire implants were studied by conventional light- and transmission electron microscopy and by immunohistochemical markers for cytokeratin, protein S-100, Factor VIII and KP1. Histological sections of biopsies obtained from clinically healthy peri-implant mucosa were separated into a keratinized outer implant epithelium and an inner, non-keratinized epithelium, both immunoreactive towards cytokeratin. The inner implant… CONTINUE READING
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