Histological changes in the uterus during postpartum in the mare.

  title={Histological changes in the uterus during postpartum in the mare.},
  author={C Gomez-Cuetara and Juana Mar{\'i}a Flores and Joaqu{\'i}n Fern{\'a}ndez S{\'a}nchez and Ato Rodriguez and Mar{\'i}a de los Angeles S{\'a}nchez},
  journal={Anatomia, histologia, embryologia},
  volume={24 1},
An histological study of the postpartum period in 29 mares was carried out. Uterine biopsies were taken daily during the first 10 days postpartum in a total of 87 samples. At day 0, equine endometrium was characterized in the surface by the presence of regularly ordered microcaruncles; the stratum spongiosum was oedematous and contained distended and scarce glands. Degenerative changes in microcaruncles and endometrial glands were present on day 1 postpartum. The epithelium of the… CONTINUE READING

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