Histologic evidence of recurrent keratoconus seven years after keratoplasty.

  title={Histologic evidence of recurrent keratoconus seven years after keratoplasty.},
  author={Israel Kremer and Ralph Conrad Eagle and Christopher J. Rapuano and Peter R. Laibson},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={119 4},
PURPOSE/METHODS A 42-year-old patient with keratoconus developed clinical signs of recurrent keratoconus in her right corneal graft seven years after the first keratoplasty was performed. She underwent successful corneal regrafting. RESULTS/CONCLUSIONS The histopathologic examination of the corneal button disclosed typical findings of keratoconus, including breaks in Bowman's layer filled with connective tissue or epithelium. These histologic findings in the corneal graft support our clinical… CONTINUE READING

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